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New Better Call Saul teaser reveals more of what we already know

Details on Better Call Saul are slowly coming to light, though they have mostly been in the form of casting. The only real plot points revealed so far are that it takes place about six years before Saul meets Walter White (or does it?), and that Saul wasn’t always Saul, but rather a less-seedy lawyer named Jimmy McGill. Meanwhile, Vince Gilligan recently divulged that his writing process being “slow as mud” has caused the show to be pushed back to 2015.

If this second trailer is any indication, that mud has been pretty thick, because it’s mostly just Gilligan and Peter Gould asking each other what their show is going to be about. “How do you become Saul Goodman?” asks Gould, to which Gilligan only responds, “Yeah. And why?” Fittingly, those are followed by a shot of Bob Odenkirk banging his head against a wall. You’ve got ‘til February, Vince.


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