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Netflix searches for the truth in the trailer for Making A Murderer

If you’ve been thinking that the one thing missing from Netflix’s copious content is true-crime stuff, you’re in luck—the streaming giant has just released the trailer for Making A Murderer, a docuseries that follows the arrest, conviction, exoneration, and continued legal woes of one Wisconsin man. In 1985, Steven Avery became the poster boy for wrongful convictions when he was convicted of sexual assault, despite his dozen or so alibi witnesses and the prosecution’s utter lack of evidence. Still, he spent 18 years in jail before the Wisconsin Innocence Project helped overturn the verdict.

After he was released from prison, Avery filed a $36 million lawsuit against the sheriff and prosecuting attorney who put him in jail, as well as Manitowoc County itself. But he soon became the target of another criminal investigation—the grisly murder of a local woman. By 2007, he was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life without parole. The docuseries, from Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, presents archival materials and interviews with family and friends in order to find out what really happened in and out of the courtrooms and interrogation rooms, including possible police and prosecutorial misconduct. And it looks like there’s enough addenda attached here to hold your interest even if you Google “Steven Avery.”


Making A Murderer will join your binge-watching to-do list when it debuts on Netflix on December 18 (you’re going to want a break from all the Star Wars-ing at some point, right?).

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