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Netflix releases trailer for ’80s cocaine drama Narcos

In its continued efforts to grow its original programming empire, Netflix has released the first trailer for Narcos, a new drama based on the true story of the Medellin cartel, its role in the cocaine wars of the ‘80s, and the efforts of the United States and Colombia to bring the cartel down. More of an overt drug drama than Netflix’s Bloodline, Narcos delves into the real-life characters on both sides of the war and paints its heroes as morally gray.

Though he doesn’t appear until late in the trailer, Narcos stars Pedro Pascal—known best as Oberyn Martell on Game Of Thrones—as Javier Peña, the real-life Mexican D.E.A. agent who helped bring down the cartel and its kingpin, Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura), in the ’90s. Peña, thankfully, drops the Dornish accent for this role. Boyd Holbrook plays fellow D.E.A. agent Steve Murphy.


All 10 episodes of Narcos, which was shot on location in Colombia, will be available for streaming on August 28.

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