February used to be the time of the year for House Of Cards, which debuted later and later in the month as the show went on. Season four’s drop date pushed all the way into March. Perhaps because American viewers will be too distracted by the real-life doom and drama overtaking Washington as of this afternoon to give a shit about a fictionalized depiction, Netflix has pushed back the premiere date for House Of Cards’ fifth season. In the most recent Netflix shareholders’ letter, House Of Cards season five is moving from Q1 to Q2. Some folks on Twitter speculated that the streaming service would surprise-drop the new season on Inauguration Day. Frank Underwood loves dramatic stunts after all, and Netflix announced season four’s premiere date during the fifth Republican Primary debate in 2015.

Sure enough, Netflix has used today’s Inauguration to catapult season five’s marketing, releasing a short but unnerving teaser featuring children reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance as an upside-down American flag flaps against a desolate Washington. Yep, Netflix pretty much nailed today’s mood. “We make the terror,” the House Of Cards official account tweeted along with the video, which also unveiled the official premiere date for the season: May 30, 2017.


Little else is known about the upcoming fifth season other than the fact that showrunner Beau Willimon has departed. He has been replaced by House Of Cards writers Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson. Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott secured prominent guest star roles in the new season, and season four newcomers Neve Campbell and Joel Kinnaman will return for more modern Machiavellian madness in May.

[via ScreenCrush]