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Netflix has released a trailer for new documentary series Captive, which will look at the high-stakes world of hostage negotiation. The documentary series comes from Simon and Jonathan Chinn’s Lightbox and film director Doug Liman. According to the trailer, the series will explore eight different perfectly normal days, in eight different countries, that share one similar fate. Captive will dip into the perspectives of all the players: the victims, their families back home, the negotiators, the kidnappers, and government officials. “Freedom is priceless. We take it for granted,” a voice says in the trailer. Expect Making A Murderer intensity.

Simon Chinn produced Oscar-winning documentaries Man On Wire and Searching For Sugar Man. His cousin and Lightbox co-founder Jonathan Chinn was a producer on the Emmy Award-winning documentary series American High. Liman, meanwhile, is the action director behind The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Jumper, and Edge Of Tomorrow.


“Hostage taking is an issue that people are familiar with, but apart from those directly involved, nobody really knows much about,” the Chinns told Variety when the project was first announced. “Each episode of Captive will reflect the tension that arises from the life and death stakes involved but also truly reveal the complexity inherent in every hostage crisis.”

All eight episodes of Captive hit Netflix on December 9.

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