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Netflix posts the first 8 minutes of Stranger Things online

Netflix’s highly anticipated supernatural drama Stranger Things doesn’t debut until tomorrow. But those of you with an insatiable craving for Spielberg-influenced, ’80s-set horror are in luck, because you can check out the show’s first eight minutes, subtitled “The Vanishing Of Will Byers,” on YouTube right now.


Created by Wayward Pines veterans Matt and Ross Duffer, the series’ opening moments let the brothers show that their influences are pinned securely to their sleeves. There’s the poster for John Carpenter’s The Thing, for instance, adorning the basement wall of young dungeon master Mike’s palatial nerd lair. Or the sound of foul-mouthed pre-teens bantering back and forth to a reverentially synth-heavy score. Hell, there’s even some shots of the kid heroes biking together, E.T.-style, in the dark.

We don’t get a look here at series lead Winona Ryder, playing the mother of the disappeared boy at the center of the show’s mystery. But we do get a few glimpses of the creature responsible for his vanishing, a spindly limbed, light-disrupting monster that seems to have escaped from the mandatory local government research lab.

The preview doesn’t answer any major questions about the show—beyond “Can these child actors make fake Dungeons & Dragons banter sound at least semi-natural? (Not really.) But it does give a pretty good sense of what we’re all in for when Stranger Things skulks its way into our homes tomorrow night.