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Netflix assembles a trailer for its Voltron series

After more than three decades, Voltron is returning to television, thanks to savior of pop-culture detritus Netflix. The streaming network and DreamWorks Animation—with whom it recently expanded its partnership—just released a trailer for their reboot of the classic animated series. But unlike the series’ in 1984 iteration, which was cobbled together from episodes of the Japanese series Beast King GoLion with new dialogue invented by the show’s non-Japanese-speaking creators, this new version began its life as a Voltron show for Voltron fans.


With Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery (Nickelodeon’s The Legend Of Korra) serving as showrunners, Voltron: Legendary Defender will stay very close to the original series’ premise and aesthetics, as five Earth teenagers find themselves caught up in an intergalactic war and tasked with piloting five mechanical lions that have the ability to unite into the giant robot warrior Voltron. Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) and Rhys Darby (Flight Of The Conchords) are among the voice actors who have joined the cast.

The series will debut on Netflix June 10.