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NBC introduces The Brave in first trailer

The first trailer for NBC’s upcoming drama The Brave essentially gives us highlights of the pilot, showing both the capture and rescue of a surgeon while introducing the series’ focus: a group of Defense Intelligence Agency analysts and the Special Ops squad that works with them in tandem. You may remember the series as For God And Country, but it got a quick title switch after its pick-up, steering it toward the generic and away from the sanctimonious. It stars Anne Heche and Adam Dalton as the respective leaders of their teams.

The Brave is just one of a number of military-related shows that got picked up for next season, including The CW’s Valor and CBS’s Seal Team. At its upfront presentation this morning, NBC also debuted the trailer for its high school theater drama Rise, but that has not made it onto the internet yet. The Brave is set for the post-Voice spot on Mondays.


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