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NBC gives birth to teaser for Rosemary's Baby miniseries

Having already chosen Star Trek: Into Darkness star Zoe Saldana to carry its Rosemary’s Baby miniseries to term, NBC has debuted the first teaser trailer for the show—although, it isn’t so much a teaser as a moving poster, with a baby’s cry hastily dubbed over five seconds’ worth of foreboding imagery. As previously reported, this version of Ira Levin’s 1967 horror novel will take place in Paris rather than New York City, and viewers who don’t blink during the teaser can spot the Eiffel Tower in the background, silhouetted against a dark and stormy sky.

The four-hour miniseries co-stars Suits’ Patrick J. Adams as Rosemary’s husband and Jason “Lucius Malfoy” Isaacs as Roman Castevet, her mysterious neighbor. NBC plans to deliver Rosemary’s Baby this summer, giving viewers additional reason to shun the sunlight and hole up in their apartments, more certain than ever that their neighbors are plotting against them.


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