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Nathan Lane feels uncomfortable in the trailer for Difficult People season two

Julie and Billy are back and more acerbic than ever in the trailer for Difficult People’s second season. As they did in the show’s first season, the struggling comedians and best friends played by Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner continue to try to break into show business while reveling in the fact that they are the only two people who really understand each other. “I swear to god, if I go to synagogue and I don’t make a show business connection, I’m gonna fucking kill myself with a chainsaw,” Julie notes. “Oh please, then you’d have to go to Home Depot,” Billy responds.

The trailer also highlights some of the guest stars who will be popping up this season, including Rachel Dratch, Fred Armisen, Jackie Hoffman, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who was featured in an earlier sneak peek of the season. But perhaps the most intriguing moment of the trailer is the one where Julie and Billy try to film Nathan Lane sticking his hand in a toilet for reasons that will presumably become clear when Difficult People returns to Hulu on July 12.

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