When Netflix gave carte blanche to eight up-and-coming comedians, those comedians could’ve used that creative freedom and the streaming-platform money that came with it to purchase a small nation-state, or rid the world of people who don’t put away their phones at the movie theater. Instead, they took a less tyrannical route, producing The Characters, an eight-part comedy anthology in which the likes of occasional Comedy Bang! Bang! intern Lauren Lapkus, oblivious Broad City trainer Paul W. Downs, and “Oh crazy: He was on Heroes: Reborn?” guy Henry Zebrowski get to do whatever they’d like for 30 minutes.

For at least part of her Charactes episode, Saturday Night Live writer and UCB Theatre performer Natasha Rothwell keeps things conventional—or, in the parlance of our times, “basic.” In the clip above—brought to you first by The A.V. Club—Rothwell embraces the pejorative, singing the praises of yoga pants, Diet Coke, Toms Shoes, and other unfussy favorites you shouldn’t feel ashamed of just because they wound up in some Buzzfeed listicle. SNL’s Cecily Strong appears at the end of the clip, though you’ll have to wait until The Characters’ March 11 premiere to find out if she launches into her own verse about the joys of Instagramming burritos.