DVR Club tries to make sense of the always-convoluted world of fake country music, as Senior Editor Sean O’Neal and Associate Editor Marah Eakin take a look at the season finale of Nashville—a show they both feel compelled to watch, despite (or because of) its soapy ridiculousness. As usual, the third season of the ABC drama went out with more than one teary cliffhanger: Who flatlined during Deacon’s liver transplant—besides, obviously, “not Deacon”? Where is Avery headed with his and Juliette’s baby, and why can’t that damn baby stop screwing up Juliette’s second or third comeback? Will Scarlett and Gunnar kiss, then will there be a period where they don’t kiss but still kinda want to? What happened to Teddy? Also, who cares about Teddy? You won’t find out the answers to any of these in what is admittedly a silly ramble of a DVR Club episode, not unlike Nashville itself.