Nearly a month out from the premiere of Fox’s new sitcom starring John Mulaney, the network has cut together Mulaney: An Opening Act, a half-hour special introducing viewers to the man, the character, and the show all called Mulaney. Yes, you’ll find Mulaneys aplenty in the video above, be they Mulaney’s star and creator, the fictionalized version of the comedian serving as the show’s protagonist, or the parents he alludes to in one of the many bits of stand-up interspersed throughout the special (and upcoming episodes of, you guessed it, Mulaney). Yes, soon everyone will be saying Mulaney this and Mulaney that, but no one will be saying “Worship this” and “Jericho that.” What’s this about Mulaney? Why, it’s all up there in that video, as well as interviews with Martin Short, Nasim Pedrad, Elliott Gould, and other non-Mulaney co-stars of Mulaney. Mulaney? Mulaney. Mulaney debuts Sunday , October 5 at 9:30 p.m. (prime Mulaney) Eastern.