Production on Netflix’s Mr. Show pseudo-sequel, With Bob And David, wrapped months ago, so there’s no way the writers and producers could’ve anticipated today’s internet-rending news that links processed red meats to cancer. Then again, the sketch comedy of Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and team has always had an eerie prescience to it—after all, America did try to blow up the moon (albeit several decades prior to “Blowing Up The Moon”). So as you sop up your bacon-salted tears with the nearest piece of thinly sliced prosciutto, give a look to this preview sketch from With Bob And David, in which Odenkirk, Cross, Jay Johnston, and John Ennis reunite around a poker table to give Paul F. Tompkins a bunch of shit about cutting out red meat. They might be older, wiser, and more health-conscious, but they’re still the same guys who were driven into a murderous rage by a simple engagement announcement.