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More celebrities become chum in the new Sharknado 4 trailer

Our long national nightmare ended last month, when Syfy released a new trailer for Sharknado 4 that revealed just what happened to Tara Reid—that is, the fate of her character April Wexler. There’s even more good news in the latest teaser, which sees her reunited with Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering). Actually, that might be all of the good news for the characters, who are now contending with a firenado, an oilnado, and a cownado. It’s not clear if those maelstroms also come with sharks, but if they do, then maybe no one in this latest installment will get out alive. (We know, that’s highly doubtful, as Syfy’s probably already registered a trademark for the new movie.)


David Hasselhoff finally makes an appearance as Fin’s dad, though Stacey Dash as the mayor of Chicago is still nowhere to be seen. The other Baywatch alums become chum, while Gilbert Gottfried’s taken over for Arnie Pye in the sky.

Conditions remain clear for Sharknado 4 to debut July 31 on Syfy.

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