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Minnick surprisingly surges ahead in the “worst of Grey’s” race

"I know, she's really terrible" (Photo: ABC)
"I know, she's really terrible" (Photo: ABC)
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  • Hey, this will be exciting news for those of you sick of me complaining about Maggie: She was not the worst this week! In fact, she did a 180-degree turnaround and is now all for Meredith and Riggs. Makes very little sense, logically, but it beats her moping around like a moony teenager.
  • We all know who was the worst, right? Minnick. Minnick is the worst. “To be clear, I mean sex.”
  • Minnick is the worst, part two: “Who taught you it was okay to talk to patients that way?”
  • Minnick is the worst, part three: “I would think you, with your history…”
  • I mean, does MInnick even realize that if everyone had listened to her, that kid would not have survived? She’s already killed one kid on this show.
  • Any reason then why Arizona would make such an impassioned plea to Minnick in the elevator? Any positive traits we’ve seen? Nope. And, as a peds doctor, wouldn’t Arizona be appalled at Minnick’s behavior toward Alex and Stephanie instead of just wanting to go have sex with her?
  • On the other hand, I’m really going to miss Stephanie. Oh God, they’re not going to kill her next week, are they?
  • I love Alex and kids. And Alex is the best. “I’d go to jail for this one.”
  • I also like single April. Amelia has to figure out her relationship status, though.
  • Unsurprisingly, though, Maggie is sure she can cure the heart-tumor lady that no one can cure. At least she’s finally wrong this time.
  • “You’re saying I have to tell her I can’t do it.’ NOT ABOUT YOU, MAGGIE.
  • So there was a lot here tonight about moving on, about dealing with the present and not the future, about enjoying what you have and not worrying about the rest. Karev and Edwards had to move immediately to save Liam. Holly, probably the best-adjusted person in that hospital tonight, has accepted her short fate and is enjoying herself as much as possible, with no thought to consequences. And Meredith actually puts the post-it note away, in a heart-rending moment for longtime Grey’s watchers.
  • Unfortunately, the fact that she and Riggs have reached hand-holding level means that there’s very little chance that his ex-fiancee isn’t going to show up by the end of the season.
  • I don’t know what’s so wrong about this chemistry this season, where this show appears determined to put everyone at odds, so that we have idiot characters that no one can stand. Back in olden times, you might have Cristina stand off against Izzy, or George against Karev, but they all had very different but valuable qualities, which made the show fun to watch. Remember, no one could stand Callie in the beginning, but she had so much self-confidence that everyone eventually came around. But these characters like Minnick appear to offer very little else than just an effort to stir the pot, making the viewing more maddening than enjoyable. Maybe it’s even worse that, after 13 seasons, we remember how the show used to be.