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Millennial ties are tested on Survivor

Michaela Bradshaw, Taylor Stocker (Image: CBS)
Michaela Bradshaw, Taylor Stocker (Image: CBS)
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  • Zeke is rightfully chuffed that somehow the Gen Xers managed to get rid of one of their own on the one tribe where they had a numbers advantage, and now he sees himself as being in a power position alongside Chris and in a place to potentially give up on the Millennial tribe altogether to get further in the game.
  • Jay finds an idol and Michaela immediately busts him, because seriously, Jay is not stealth. His commentary about his idol hunt was very entertaining, at least, but not more entertaining than Michaela talking about busting him. She is becoming a confessional delight.
  • Adding a puzzle to the end of the traditional blindfold challenge is a fun little sadistic twist.
  • Figgy sitting everyone down and telling everyone she has a “thing” with Taylor is so incredibly silly. Is this 3rd grade? (Of course everyone already knew, because they are humans who have eyes in their heads.)
  • Interesting little challenge dynamic: After Michaela wins, she chooses to openly give advice to Michelle and Zeke instead of Figgy and Jessica. When Jeff asks about it, Michaela says it’s because she wants Millennials to stay in the game, but it seems more personal. I guess Michaela and Figgy really aren’t ever going to be best friends.
  • A good portion of Tribal Council is Jeff trying to force Figgy and Taylor into declaring their love and getting married. It’s weird. Calm down, Jeff.
  • Takali losing puts Adam directly in the swing vote position: vote out Ken with Figgy and Taylor, or vote out Figgy with Ken and Jessica, and his position is well noted by his tribemates and Jeff at Tribal Council. Ultimately Adam goes against the Millennials and votes out Figgy, which means no more “showmance” drama. Rejoice!
  • The most interesting part of the last two votes is how easily everyone went against their original tribes once the shuffle happened. A lot of the dialogue between tribes is about people sticking with their original alliances once the merge eventually happens, but that isn’t really what’s happening inside the individual tribes right now at all.