A while back, it was rumored that Mickey Rourke, a real-life Broken Down Piece Of Meat who won many deserved accolades—but not an Oscar—for playing a fictional Broken Down Piece Of Meat in The Wrestler, would make an appearance at BrokenDownPieceOfMeatMania.  This weekend those rumors became reality when Rourke "punched out" "Chris Jericho" (the real Chris Jericho lives at VH1) to the delight and probable confusion of wrestling fans everywhere.

No Ram Jam?

Sure it's all fun and good times on stage, but anyone who has seen The Wrestler knows the sadness that is just around the corner for "Wrestling Mickey Rourke." Ten years from now, he'll be setting up his card table at the Stars Of '09 Wrestlemania meet-and-greet, signing The Wrestler posters for $15 a pop for the few fans that trickle in, and trying, unsuccessfully, to ignore the chill in a room filled with so many ghosts of glory past. During the many lulls in that long afternoon, he'll look across at Chris Jericho, notice his grey roots, and wonder when they all became old men.