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Michael Scofield is back in the gleefully dumb trailer for Prison Break season five

Not even death can keep Wentworth Miller’s tattooed prison-buster Michael Scofield from the cages and bars that constitute his natural environment. Fox released a new trailer today for its revival of the Prison Break franchise, revealing once and for all that Scofield didn’t actually die in the show’s finale. Instead, he’s been locked up in a Middle Eastern jail, and now it’s up to his brother (Dominic Purcell) and his old crew to bust him out.

Prison Break was never a show that worried about seeming smart, but there’s still something kind of beautiful about a trailer that not only gives the show’s recurring “charming rapist” character, T-Bag, a robot hand, but also features the line, “ISIL just declared war on us.” So, if you’ve ever wanted to see a planning-obsessed super genius wage war on a real-life terrorist organization, you’ll apparently get your chance when Prison Break returns on April 4.

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