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Meet your new favorite family in the trailer for Seeso’s My Brother, My Brother And Me

Last month, The A.V. Club premiered the cold open for the first episode of Seeso’s My Brother, My Brother And Me TV show (based on the hit podcast of the same name), and with the series set to premiere on the streaming service in just a few weeks, we now have a proper trailer as well. The My Brother, My Brother And Me podcast is about three brothers giving advice, and the TV show expands on that by having them go out into the real world to come up with practical solutions to their viewers’ problems. As seen in this trailer, that may involve meeting the mayor of their hometown, putting together a secret society called Knights Templar 2: Wacky Wizards, holding a parade for tarantulas, or even turning to the occasional “guestpert” like “Weird Al” Yankovic, the guys from Property Brothers, and certified MBMBAM super-fan Lin-Manuel Miranda.

My Brother, My Brother And Me will premiere on Seeso on February 23.


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