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Meet the new Todd in The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret trailer

When news broke of the return of The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret, IFC hinted at a “very different Todd,” which could have meant anything. Considering the previous season ended in nuclear annihilation, we might have seen Todd bumbling about in the afterlife. But the first trailer for the new season has just been released and it looks like he’s still very much alive, if somewhat more competent.

The new Todd has a beard (and a toupee), as well as a closer relationship with the truth. Rather than let his assistant think he has a big penis, he tells her the two-digit figure he’s just jotted down is actually his neck size. He corrects Brent (Will Arnett) rather than let him think “reassurancement” is a word, and he shuts down his other assistant’s (Blake Harrison) attempts at flattery. But when he gets smacked by a waitress for thinking aloud about his whiskey dick, we see that Todd’s straight shooting might not work any better for him than his compulsive lying.


Season three of The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret premieres January 7 on IFC.

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