Cartoon Network has released the first sneak peek footage of its new Powerpuff Girls reboot, revealing that, despite the absence of creator Craig McCracken, the hyper-kinetic cartoon action is pretty much the same as it ever was. Give or take a little bit of influence from executive producer Bob Boyle’s other project, Clarence, the animation in the new clips lines up almost exactly with what was seen in the original series—which ran on the network from 1998 until 2005—and marks a return to a more traditional form after the stylized visuals seen in 2014’s Dance Pantsed. Meanwhile, one of the show’s most popular themes—a big dumb man (in this case, a lumberjack voiced by Futurama and Pinky And The Brain’s Maurice LaMarche) telling a girl she can’t do something, and then getting pummeled into the horizon for his closed-minded idiocy—is also on display.

The biggest change, then, is the show’s new voice cast, with actress Natalie Palamides taking over the role of Buttercup (a.k.a. “the strongest fighter,” as per the show’s old theme song) from veteran voice actress Elizabeth Daily. Even then, Palamides is pretty much doing an impression of Daily’s surprisingly gruff little girl voice, adding to the impression that The Powerpuff Girls 2016 will pick up right where the old series left off.