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It’s been three long years, but Project Runway pals Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are finally together again, about to launch their new series Making The Cut on Amazon. If you love(d) PR, you’ll likely want to follow these two charisma-filled hosts over to the streaming service for their international new series. Amazon will drop two episodes each week starting this Friday, March 27, until the epic finale on April 24, with guest judges like Naomi Campbell and Nicole Richie on board. The series has a more polished feel than the pair’s previous one, with most weeks culminating in straight-up runway shows in places like Paris and Tokyo. Plus there’s that Amazon tie-in: Every week’s winner will find one of their outfits immediately available for sale on Making The Cut’s online Amazon store. And the final winner gets a whole million dollars to build their own brand, instead of Runway’s measly $250,000.

This exclusive clip from the series premiere gives you a sneak peek at the 12 designers that Gunn and Klum (who also serve as executive producers) hand-picked from around the world.

The contestants include 35-year-old Rinat from Israel and Virginia’s 28-year-old Martha, who answers the door in what looks to be a sequined ballgown. Personally, we’re pulling for the youngest (daring 24-year-old Sander from East Belgium; check out what he’s wearing at the door) and the oldest (charming 64-year-old Italian Sabato) of the bunch. But we’ll see how all these designers fare when those first two episodes drop on Amazon on Friday, March 27.


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