Who would’ve thought mixing sex and business would get so messy? (Besides everyone.) For three seasons, Masters and Johnson’s relationship has formed the core of Showtime’s period-piece drama Masters Of Sex, but the upcoming year looks to upend everybody’s world. After the brutal emotional car wreck that ended season three, the researchers are separated, and trying to re-learn how to do their jobs as individual people—starting with hiring some new faces. And sure, maybe Virginia is trying to stir up some jealousy by sending herself flowers, but honestly, who can blame her? It’s a change for the others, too, with Libby mustering up the courage to shrug off Bill’s assessments, and new directions for Lester and Betty. (The “no more guilt” tagline that appears halfway through looks to apply to just about everyone for a change.) But the most important aspect of all doesn’t even get remarked upon by anyone: awesome hairdos. Masters Of Sex returns September 11.