Maron is returning to IFC for its fourth season this spring, and this year finds the comedian in dire straits. When we last left TV’s Marc Maron (as portrayed by comedian Marc Maron), he was on the verge of success with his own television talk show until the recovering addict turned to Oxycontin. Season four opens up with Marc, having lost his podcasting career, his house, and his cats, living in a “studio apartment situation” (a storage locker) and looking quite disheveled, with a beard that would make a twentysomething craft beer blogger swoon. His friend, Dave Anthony (Dave Anthony) convinces Marc to check into the Clean Living center, which he refers to as “a resort for people with no self-control.”

Hijinks, celebrity cameos, and self-loathing are sure to ensue as Maron returns May 4 on IFC.