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Maniac puts Emma Stone and Jonah Hill on the ice-blue line of insanity

The cast of Maniac
Photo: Michele K. Short (Netflix)

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Friday, September 21 and September 22. All times are Eastern; sing the top pick to the tune of “Maniac,” from the chart-topping Flashdance soundtrack.

Top pick

Maniac (Friday, Netflix): Just a Netflix queue on a Friday night
Lookin’ for the binge of its life
In the real-time world, nothing to watch at all
This new show looks crazy


Superbad kids in a clinical trial
And, oh look, there’s Justin Theroux
Gonna give them pills and then watch their brains
Put ’em into a freaky trance

Working with a rogue AI and the True Detective guy
Blurring lines between the dream and reality

This is Maniac, Maniac that’s for sure
And it’s not the Maniac you watched before
Yeah it’s Maniac, Maniac on the queue
And Eric Thurm has all the recaps just for you

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Wild card

The Good Cop (Friday, Netflix): One of Netflix’s least conventional originals arrives on the same day as one of its most conventional: From the creator of Monk comes a streaming cop show that not only has the audacity to bring its episodes in under the 45-minute mark, but those episodes also contain a single mystery that’s solved before the credits roll. As Pilot Viruet writes, “The Good Cop doesn’t feel like it was made in 2018, which is probably the best thing about it.”


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