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Louis CK abstains from jokes and craft services in Netflix stand-up trailer

A lot of comedy movies get criticized for giving away their best gags in the trailer, but nobody could say that about this teaser for the first of Louis CK’s upcoming Netflix specials. It’s not that it doesn’t spoil the good gags, though, it simply doesn’t include any of them. Granted, it’s a teaser for a stand-up special and not a comedy movie, so showing some of the jokes is like spoiling a plot point, but this clip doesn’t tell you anything about the special other than Louis CK is in it and that he will wear a tie. That’s all that a lot of people will need to know, but it doesn’t leave us with much to write about here. Also, he barely touched any of that fruit and cold cuts. That seems like a waste.

Louis CK’s special debuts April 4 on Netflix.


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