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Lose your mind with 5 new Legion promos

FX’s Legion is quickly becoming one of our most anticipated superhero shows of 2017, despite the fact that, so far, the X-Men spin-off hasn’t seen Dan Stevens’ mutant lead do anything especially superheroic. Instead, the series—from Fargo creator Noah Hawley—seems intent on showing what life would be like for a guy who can change reality on a whim: disorienting and confusing, but also pretty cool looking, as well.

That’s the gist of the five bite-size promos FX released for the series today, dipping viewers into different parts of David Haller’s disoriented, existentially fluid headspace. Bad futures, rampant paranoia, and a jittering, dancing Aubrey Plaza: it looks thoroughly confusing, but in a good sort of way. Legion debuts on FX on February 8.


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