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Lorelai ponders whether Amy Schumer would like her in first Gilmore Girls revival teaser

The teaser for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life doesn’t reveal really anything about the series’ plot. It does however prove one thing: Lorelai (Lauren Graham) still babbles incessantly about pop culture. The question at hand is: Would Amy Schumer like the elder, if not eldest, Gilmore? Rory (Alexis Bledel) says no, which sets Lorelai off ranting about vampires and corpse flowers. But Rory’s reasoning is sound. “Water sports,” she says. “Every single time I see her in a magazine she’s on vacation, doing water sports.” This is not inaccurate, though Lorelai and Schumer would probably find some common ground.


So, yes, Lorelai and Rory still enjoy sitting around their kitchen table drinking what we assume is coffee from large mugs, eating what appear to be Pop-Tarts, and dishing the dirt on celebrities. (From the hint of decorations at the Gilmore abode this looks like it comes from the Winter episode.) We will find out if anything at all has changed when the four-parter drops November 25.

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