Pamela Adlon’s wide-ranging showbiz career—from starring in teen comedies like Grease 2 and Bad Manners to voicing Bobby on King Of The Hill and co-starring and producing on Louie—has finally led her to create her own show. Now we’ve got the trailer for Adlon’s Better Things, co-produced by her long-time collaborator Louis CK, and seemingly committed to an equally unglamorous, autobiographical take on parenthood and life.

Starring Adlon as Sam—a single working actress with three kids, just like Adlon herself—the trailer offers up an FX-standard mix of sweetness and vulgarity, with Sam topping off her whiskey glass after making a burrito blanket with her youngest kid. In the most telling bit, Adlon’s oldest daughter (Mikey Madison) asks her to get her some “clean, organic pot,” which evokes the very Louie-esque response, “Honey, these things are normal, but you should be ashamed of them.” Presumably, we’ll see more of these normal, shameful things when Better Things debuts on September 8.