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Legion introduces us to Professor X

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Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Monday, July 8. All times are Eastern.

Top pick

Legion (10 p.m., FX): David’s conversation with Syd last week made it clear he is still unable to accept full responsibility for violating her, believing so vehemently that he’s a good person that he’s willing to change time to prove it. In David’s eyes, the Shadow King’s influence throughout his life is the source of his fuckery, thus he hatches a plan to travel back in time to prevent the Shadow King from ever getting a hold on him when he was a child—why introspect when you can just change the past?

Meddling with time can really only go poorly, especially when dealing with a mutant like Switch who is still honing her time travel powers, so David is undoubtedly in for a rude awakening. On the bright side, we’ll get our first glimpse of Harry Lloyd as Professor Charles Xavier, future founder of the X-Men and David’s long-lost father.


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Divorce (10 p.m., HBO)

Wild card

Scream (9 p.m., VH1, third-season premiere): Like some kind of masked murderer in a slasher movie, MTV’s anthology horror series Scream just won’t die. Returning after three years off the air, the third season is essentially a soft-reboot of the series, introducing a brand-new cast of characters, a new showrunner—Supernatural’s Brett Matthews—and Queen Latifah as executive producer.

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