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Legion ends and a new season of Lodge 49 begins

Navid Negahban in Legion and Wyatt Russell in Lodge 49
Navid Negahban in Legion and Wyatt Russell in Lodge 49
Photo: Suzanne Tenner (FX), Jackson Lee Davis (AMC)

Here’s what’s happening in the world of television for Monday, August 12. All times are Eastern. 

Top picks

Legion (FX, 10 p.m., series finale): It’s the end of the end for Legion, which takes its final bow tonight. After a second season that failed to live up to lofty expectations, the third has been a vast improvement, with A.V. Club Assistant Editor and Legion devotee Alex McLevy calling it “the most emotionally engaging [season] yet.” From his recap last week, McLevy says:

The third and final season of Legion is actually by far the most emotionally engaging yet in my eyes, treating its main characters with a sensitivity and thoughtfulness that has made them come alive as fully realized people in ways that keep me engaged long after whatever visual wizardry any given episode pulls off has faded from my mind.


The finale, written by creator Noah Hawley and Olivia Dufault, pits David (and papa Xavier) against Farouk for one last climatic showdown. Whoever wins, McLevy will be here to recap the proceedings for one last time.

Lodge 49 (AMC, 10:10 p.m., second season premiere): As Legion takes its final bow, the delightful “modern fable” Lodge 49 (and one of our favorite shows of 2018) returns for its second season. All the regulars are back for this go-around, including “Squire” Dud (Wyatt Russell) and his “Knight” mentor Ernie (the wonderful Brent Jennings), but the Order Of The Lynx to which they’ve pledged themselves is “suffering under new rule by an ill-suited leader.” Be on the lookout for Danette Chavez’s recaps all season.

Regular coverage

The Terror: Infamy (AMC, 9 p.m. second season premiere)

Wild card

American Greed: The College Admissions Scandal (CNBC, 10 p.m.): It’s not the Lifetime movie version we’re still waiting on, but CNBC’s American Greed: The College Admissions Scandal will dive into the massive college admissions scheme we reported on earlier this year, in which ultra-rich parents, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, paid scammer William Singer hundreds of thousands of dollars to cheat their children’s way into college.

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