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Larry David Hates The Marriage Ref As Much As We Do

Last night, Larry David, a wooden lion mask from The Lion King that claimed to be Madonna, and Ricky Gervais were the big celebrity favors that Jerry Seinfeld called in for new show, Pile Of Forced Guffaws, The Ol' Ball and Chain, And A Sports Metaphor.

Apparently, a lot of funny, talented people owe Jerry Seinfeld favors. Could you imagine the kind of show he could have put together with/for them if he expended any real thought on it? Or, he could have just expended very little thought and made a simple talk show. Instead, he gathered these people together to watch married couples fight over whether or not they should replace their living room sofa and if an iguana should be allowed in the house. No wonder Larry David was pissed:


Larry David complaining, Madonna telling Tom Papa to go home, and Ricky Gervais giggling: This is as good as this show is ever going to get. It's over now, right?

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