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Characters make the backbone of any great sketch. And the dynamic and interconnected characters of Kroll Show are definitely largely responsible for the effectiveness of the show’s wacky, specific comedy. But the other key players in Kroll Show’s brilliance are the editors, who put together the visual and audio gags that elevate each segment to the next level.


Just look at the intro sequence for this week’s return of Oh, Hello, the public access prank show hosted by crass Jewish divorcees Gil Faizon (Kroll) and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney). The intentionally bad editing and overuse of transitions and cheap effects perfectly parodies the look of a public access show that’s just trying too hard.

That editing excellence continues for the rest of the episode, especially with the new Loser’s Bracket, a dating reality series hosted by Casey Wilson. All of the on-screen effects and tennis court sound bites are the best parts of Loser’s Bracket, which also sees the return of Dr. Armond, California’s premiere animal plastic surgeon who definitely did not kill his wife. Wilson’s Genie definitely seems like an extension of other looking-for-love characters she has played—particularly Penny from Happy Endings—but Wilson plays that desperation so damn well.

The best part of the episode—and the best display of editing—comes from the release of Bryan La Croix’s latest hot single: “Ottawanna Go To Bed.” Because the serialized nature of Kroll Show allows these characters to grow and change, Bryan is evolving as an artist. He trades in the bubblegum Bieber pop of “NTR 2 Win” for an overproduced rap banger (in the words of one of the Hoffman twins: “A major departure!”). The combination of the hilarious, Canadian’d-up lyrics (“We sippin’ soda pop and Moose-inex”), complete with province name wordplay (the titular line, but also “grown-ass Manitoba”), and the music video’s souped-up production make “Ottawanna Go To Bed” the funniest standalone moment of the episode. Hell, I was already pretty close to laugh-crying within the first few seconds thanks to the “Maple Music” audio clip, parodying Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group’s signature sound bite.


Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth is the weak link this week, even if Gene Creemers remains Jon Daly’s best character. The reality singing competition parody just doesn’t hit the ridiculous Canada! comedy as well as Wheels Ontario (which we sadly don’t cheque in with this week) or Bryan La Croix’s music do.

The Show Us Your Songs Commonwealth connection to Dr. Armond and the case of the “Beautiful Singer, Brutally Silenced” also happens a little too hurriedly, but Kroll Show is once again spinning a complex web between all its central characters, and I can’t wait to see what it’s building to.

Stray observations:

  • The full version of “Ottawanna Go To Bed” is available on the Kroll Show album released at the end of last year. I listened to it approximately 20 times while writing this review.
  • I’m also 100% interested in a full version of the hit song “Pleep Ploop.”
  • John Mulaney’s macaroni body.
  • Kroll Show writer Gabe Liedman appears again, this time as Loser Bracket’s co-host, Brenth.
  • Because it’s worth saying again: Maple Music.