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Kroll Show: “Blisteritos Presents Dad Academy Graduation Congraduritos Red Carpet Viewing Party”

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Kroll Show has done such a good job this season of stringing storylines through its reality shows to make this season a more functional whole; the first season did that work embryonically, but with this season, we’ve seen what Kroll Show can really do. It’s fitting and unsurprising, then, that the finale tied most everything together. Sure, some disconnected elements were missing, like “Wheels, Ontario” and “Oh, Hello” (the latter was dearly missed), but a lot of the major characters came together for the finale of Dad Academy, a very special episode of PubLizIty, and a movie-themed party thrown by the Rich Dicks.

Kroll pulled out all the stops, bringing in some famous guest stars (the return of Laura Dern and Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen as the CEO of disgusting Cheetos knockoff Blisterinos, Katy Perry for some reason) and more importantly bringing back a lot of familiar faces like Brandon Walsh, Cassandra and Ron Funches. Man, Ron Funches has become a real secret weapon for this show, huh? He’d been noted in the opening credits for Dad Academy, but here’s where we finally see how he fits in, playing, aptly, “unconditional love,” a father-figure who happily takes a bored C Czar to the Rich Dicks party and lets him snort crank.


It’s enough insanity to finally drive C Czar to a place of reason, and he’s brought down to earth when he discovers Liz’s niece Denise, who I will admit I had totally forgotten about but was so thrilled to see the return of. Denise is possibly Jenny Slate’s finest work on the show, although it is less laugh-out-loud funny, and she is sent to her aunt with a letter tied around her neck that finally unites the two reality show stars, leading to—what else—the birth of a toilet baby.

I won’t go so far as to call Kroll Show beautiful. But it’s fitting, the design of the season has been deceptively clever, and, well, I just have to admit I didn’t see the toilet baby thing coming. Next season has very fruitful territory to cover—Liz and C Czar trying to raise a baby together, with “Thick Liz” in tow, romancing Seth Rogen (he’s pretty free, right? He can hang out for longer next year I’m sure).

Once again, the Rich Dicks were better integrated than they have been in the past, flitting around in the background of their stupid party (Aspen was dressed like Napoleon Dynamite, a decision fittingly wrapped in ironies, and Peter as Ryan Gosling from Drive). The Dick Tracy costume made its final and best appearance, on the body of Ron Funches. Jon Heder showed up for a second, but it was kind of a bummer to see him, because, y’know, it’s Jon Heder. He isn’t even the fifth most famous person in this episode.

So what happens next year? We’ve got such a defined cast of characters now, is there room to add a ton more? Do you take some away and concentrate on new things, or just cycle in new plots for next season? Either way, Kroll Show is on its most solid footing and has made the step up to A-list sketch comedy this year. It’s been a wonder to behold and a joy to review.


Stray observations:

  • Loved the ad for Blisteritos. “Yo, I’m a straight-up bee!”
  • “The headmaster's done such a good job, it's hard to remember he's a baby.” “I wanna go home!” Wolfie replies.
  • “I'm just going to go to the chill room and smoke drugs, Legends of the Fall style.”
  • “I found a girl and brought her back, because that's what a daddy do. Stay wild, blap blap blap.”
  • Liz finds C Czar at his graduation. “Oh my God, I love your golden hat. But listen, like hats aside, I heard the note you tied to my niece Denise.”

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