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Egads, no recap. (Sorry, it's just damn near impossible to wrangle this show on the weekend in a timely fashion.) But here's some space to chat about Saturday's episode, anyway. It was a great one. We probably won't have a full recap of next week's episode, but I'm gonna try my damnedest to do one for the big finale, which is scheduled to air on July 25.

Some highlights for me from this episode:

— The way David's trial was so thoroughly rigged. There was simply nothing he could do.


— David's rousing (yet almost unbelievably altruistic) speech to Jack in prison.

— Silas' cracked veneer when things went wrong. Man, it's tough to believe that a guy like that would ever crack in public, but if he's going to, that's probably the way he'd do it!

The next two episodes are called "The New King" (parts 1 and 2). Get ready for some of the best television seen by the fewest people over the next two Saturday nights.

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