Growing up, I remember reading Time For Kids and other Kurrent Events 4 Kidz publications and constantly having the message, "You can make a difference. Kid voices count!" reinforced—which is fine, I guess.  It teaches kids to become  politically aware and civically involved at an early age, setting them up to be (presumably) better-informed, more politically aware adults in the future. Also, what else are you going to tell kids? "You're just a kid, sorry."

But, of course, the whole "Kid voices count!" line is a complete lie. Kids can't vote, can't drive, can't do anything without their parents consent. Even if they could, by some miracle, get a politician or other person in a position of power to listen to them, they wouldn't be taken as seriously as an adult because they're just an adorable cute kid, and isn't it precious how they have concerns? Basically, being a kid is really frustrating. But, whatever, they have Gushers to comfort them.    

Until now. Thanks to Fox & Friends, these precocious tots can finally have their whiny voices heard, and subsequently dismissed because just look at how small the kid pundits are!


What is this—besides one of the most annoying pundit crossfires ever committed to tape, and, as Videogum pointed out, a Daily Show segment from five years ago made real?

Maybe tomorrow Fox & Friends can have baby pundits "discuss" health care via opposing political slogan onesies.