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Keanu Reeves tries to give a couple of Swedish Dicks a clue in this trailer

Keanu Reeves joins the growing list of A-list actors making their way to the small screen—well, in Reeves’ case, it’s actually a return trip, since the erstwhile John Wick appeared in an episode of Hangin’ In two years before landing a starring role in River’s Edge. He’ll have an ongoing presence in Pop’s Swedish Dicks, a half-hour comedy-procedural that stars Peter Stormare as an ex-stuntman who launches a second career in private investigation. But Reeves won’t actually be one of the Swedish dicks, though—they’ll be played by Stormare, who is Swedish, as is his co-lead, actor-comedian Johan Glans. The dicks, Ingmar and Axel, prove to have few transferable skills, which might be why Reeves’ sage bruiser counsels them to find their place in the world.

The 10-episode series premieres August 2 on Pop (a CBS-Lionsgate joint venture), and also counts Margaret Cho, Anthony LaPaglia, Traci Lords, and Eric Roberts among its guest stars.

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