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Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s 2019 illustrated novel Cursed retells Arthurian legend with a twist: it places Nimuë, a young woman with magical abilities she’s forced to repress, at its center. Oh, there are other names you’ll recognize, including Arthur, here a mercenary, and Merlin, still a sorcerer, but Cursed asks what the story would be like if the kingmaking sword, the enchanted Excalibur, chose a queen.


Well, now a series adaptation of novel is headed to Netflix, and the first trailer for Cursed asks a different question: What if the network chose a star, and that star was Katherine Langford?

If you’re curious about what’s going on with her face at the end there, go ahead and google “Nimuë” and you should get an idea of what may lie in her future. Everyone else will just have to wait to see Langford kick ass and wield magic until the show arrives on July 17.

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