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Jude Law is a rebellious pontiff in The Young Pope teaser

Sky Atlantic has just shared the first look at its limited series, The Young Pope, which stars Jude Law as the newly appointed, fictional Pope Pius XIII. The brief trailer shows off Law’s face and body to establish that this isn’t your grandfather’s pope, who would be a grandfather himself if not for the whole celibacy thing. (Not that that stopped the popes of old). Born Lenny Belardo, Pius XIII will reportedly be a “highly conservative” American pope, who nonetheless has a lot of “compassion towards the weak and poor.” And lest you think this pontiff is just going to sit on his firm duff, Lenny/Pius tells some unseen clergyman that he’s planning a “revolution.” The only thing missing is the nun Diane Keaton’s playing.

Paolo Sorrentino (Youth, Il Divo) directed the eight-part miniseries, which will air on HBO later this year.


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