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Josh has a leg up in the Man Seeking Woman season 3 teaser

The first two seasons of Man Seeking Woman centered on the titular lovelorn fellow while he was at a loss—Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) was either reeling from a breakup with his longtime girlfriend or trying to win over the newly single coworker. Though season two wrapped with Josh unattached, the third entry finds him engaged. At least, it looks like there’s a diamond ring on his new girlfriend’s (Katie Findlay) finger in this first teaser for season three. It also looks like Josh’s biggest problem will be bringing her home to meet his family, which even his sister (Britt Lower) admits is a daunting prospect. The girlfriend-centric teaser suggests that season three will continue the trend of branching out from Josh’s perspective to understand his friends and love interests better.

Man Seeking Woman returns to FXX on January 4, 2017.


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