John Oliver’s ego is taking some hits these days. Recently, Billy Eichner proved that gay people on New York sidewalks don’t care all that much about the British comedian. Now, Oliver’s own network is gently ribbing him with a promo for the newest season of Last Week Tonight. In the teaser, Oliver discovers that he doesn’t have HBO’s “biggest Sunday night show.” That, of course, would be Game Of Thrones. He also isn’t on its “smash hit comedy.” You know, Silicon Valley. And his isn’t the show “everyone’s been waiting for.” Curb Your Enthusiasm takes that prize. Kumail Nanjiani and Larry David have cameos in which they bust Oliver’s balls, but it’s all in good fun. Last Week Tonight comes back February 12, if you’re in need of “British man yelling at [you] about how the world is ending,” as Nanjiani says.