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Jody finally snaps as The Mindy Project takes on a faux Cumberbatch

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Thank God that Jody Kimball-Kinney isn’t just entirely okay with being romantically trampled by Mindy Lahiri. The good southern doctor played by Garret Dillahunt finally started showing real signs of sadness on this week’s episode of The Mindy Project, with Jody both seeking to leave the practice and turning into a bit of a sad sack. Along the way, he kept things from Colette, his sister and ballroom dancing partner, and ultimately had to be dragged out of his funk by a perfunctory kiss from the practice’s new gynecologist, Dr. Anna Ziev.


That Jody looked relatively stunned following the Ziev action makes perfect sense. The hot, blonde robotic doctor is exactly who Jody should be with once his eyes aren’t all clouded over by Mindy’s general Mindy-ness. And while we know that’s what will happen, it will be fun watching how it inevitably comes together all the same. That they’re both assholes should result in strings of witty retorts, and Dr. Ziev’s relative feminism—new Ghostbusters excluded—could perhaps bring Jody to a new plane of relative enlightenment. And I don’t mean relative in the terms of how closely Jody’s parents are related.

Speaking of Mindy, she’s in a bit of romantic turmoil herself, sparked in part by the appearance of a lab tech, Lisa, who is also dating Ben. Surprise! They’re not exclusive! After sussing things out with Ben—who, honestly, is probably not long for this world and/or series after he both gifted Mindy a book of poetry and invited her on a hike—Mindy kicks him to the curb for the time being, opting instead to go out with Leland Breakfast, Jeremy’s old college pal and star of both one-man interpretations of The Miracle Worker and the Doctor Universe series. He’s a self-centered dick, clearly just abusing Jeremy’s Princess Wanker desire to be liked by everyone, and while we know Mindy will never end up with him, it’s still amusing to watch him try to get in her pants.


Ultimately, though, Mindy settles for boring old Ben, who doesn’t entirely get her, but still seems to be the best option (I guess?) for right this second. They’ll break up eventually, but for now, they’re exclusive, poetry presents and all.

Stray observations

  • I thought Jack Davenport did a great job playing Leland Breakfast. He was the perfect asshole, and he delivered lines like “It’s a British number, so it’ll cost you $15 per text, but I assure you, it’s worth it” with the perfect notes of disdain.
  • Speaking of that line, the front end of this episode was loaded with sharp and funny turns of phrase. I especially enjoyed Mindy’s, “If I want to hang out with Broadway stars, I’ll just turn on Grindr in a Mormon church,” as well as the fact that Morgan thinks Madagascar is a foreign film.
  • Man, Microsoft is still really trying to make those Surface tablets go, huh? I can’t blame The Mindy Project for taking their money, but if I have to look at another seamless laptop to tablet execution, I’ll be forced to decide once again that I’m never going to buy one of those things.
  • Dr. Ziev “was back at [her] gymnastics meet an hour after [her] grandfather’s trial,” while Colette and Jody’s grandpa “once got so heartbroken he turned into the trunk of a willow tree.”
  • Colette also thinks that Jody “looks like a fit Abe Lincoln” since he moved to New York, and I don’t disagree with that assessment of Dillahunt’s physique.
  • Speaking of Colette, I really loved Fortune Feimster’s ice cream dance. Please, some gif that ASAP.

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