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Jennifer Lopez is a less-than-true detective in Shades Of Blue trailer

NBC has become the network destination for woman-led detective shows, from Law & Order: SVU to The Mysteries Of Laura. The new addition to the lineup is Shades Of Blue, starring Jennifer Lopez as a morally-compromised NYPD officer. Lopez plays Detective Santos, a single mother and member of Lt. Bill Wozniak’s (Ray Liotta) extralegal police squad. The trailer sees her initiate a rookie (Dayo Okeniyi) in the team’s dubious ways—mostly, they play fast and loose with the rules to “protect their precinct,” but they also pad their retirement accounts whenever possible. Santos is busted by the FBI and coerced into informing on Wozniak, whom she’s worked with for over a decade. He’ll grow suspicious, she’ll become increasingly anxious, and at some point, Drea De Matteo will show up as a fellow detective.

Shades Of Blue premieres January 24, 2016 on NBC.


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