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Jekyll and Hyde’s “Strange Case” on Once Upon A Time melds good with evil

Tales from the dark side: Evil Queen and Rumple (Photo: Disney/ABC)
Tales from the dark side: Evil Queen and Rumple (Photo: Disney/ABC)
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  • Rumple’s haircut: yay or nay? I kind of miss his old hair, personally. Did Regina cut her own hair too?
  • Speaking of haircuts, Hyde’s was the worst on this show, which is really saying something. Although it was kind of cool to have him strolling around as a walking Dorian Gray portrait.
  • How dumb is Grumpy? So dumb, right? “Let’s dance, sister!” (Falls down instantly.)
  • Where have all these kids resided in Storybrooke before? They can’t all be from the untold stories if there was already a school built, can they? And if they forgot everything Snow taught them, does that mean that they have no teacher ever since she quit? At any rate, it’s just about the dumbest subplot ever on this show, as it’s super-boring and has no effect, really, on anyone else in Storybrooke.
  • What was Belle wearing? Some sort of smock-shirt?
  • I really hate the Charming family and their excessive closeness. The fact that Charming was going to resent her daughter’s b.f. being around— y’know, the guy they went all the way into the Underworld to save—was just ick.
  • And Henry calling Snow “Grandma” will never not be laughable.
  • Okay, that was a long laundry list of annoyances. The best part about season six is this concept that good/evil is not exactly black/white. The show touched on it before when Snow killed Cora, or Emma became the Dark One. But having the two sides of Regina at war, and Rumple continually at war with himself, is turning out to be more intriguing than an arc centered around a Big Bad that we know will get cleared up in half a season. Having Jekyll turn out to be the real villain was actually inspired. Our id may be dangerously reactive, but it’s interesting, and terrifying, to realize that other parts of our psyche can be just as bad.
  • I’m glad we’re doing these posts. A few episodes ago, Snow’s wig was back, worse than ever, and I was so sad not to have you guys to commiserate with.