Sneak Peek: Making A Scene with James Franco

“We gave James Franco a show about movies—and guess what?” asks this teaser for AOL’s new online series, Making A Scene With James Franco, debuting Sept. 17. And if you guessed “James Franco subverted audience expectation in his usual idiom: the addition of James Franco where there was no James Franco before,” then you are correct. Making The Scene finds Franco (You can call him “James”—you’re friends!) completely upending the archetype that a completed movie is a static work of art by reenacting them with performances from James Franco in silly wigs and fake teeth.


“But that’s not enough for my show,” Franco declares, explaining how sometimes he will also “flip it” by taking a character from one scene then putting them in a totally different scene—say, by putting Napoleon Dynamite in a scene from Pulp Fiction. Thus he creates a surreal, Warholian pop art juxtaposition worthy of the name Franco and/or a YouTube sketch comedy troupe. “Hope you enjoy it!” Franco says in what is easily the trailer’s funniest line, totally “flipping it” again.