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It's the "A Very Special Episode" Fall Preview issue!

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A Very Special EpisodeA single television episode can exemplify the spirit of its time. A Very Special Episode presents The A.V. Club’s survey of TV at its most distinctive.

Posting the upcoming schedule for my "A Very Special Episode" column worked well when I tried it back in March, since a lot of you had good suggestions for future columns. Tomorrow we'll post the 10th VSE, covering The Sopranos' "Bust Out,"and then I'll be ready to move on to the next group of 10, which will take us into December. Here's the program:

July 29th
The Larry Sanders Show, "Out Of The Loop"

August 12th
Wagon Train, "The Gus Mason Story"

August 26th
M*A*S*H*, "The Interview"

September 9th
Arrested Development, "Good Grief"

September 23rd
The Brady Bunch, "Dough Re Mi"

October 7th
Homicide: Life On The Streets, "A Doll's Eyes"

October 21st
The Outer Limits, "The Man Who Was Never Born"

November 4th
The Muppet Show, "Steve Martin"

November 18th
Northern Exposure, "Thanksgiving"

December 2nd
All In The Family, "Gloria Discovers Women's Lib"

I also know what the last two episodes of the year will be, but since they're a little unusual, I'm going to keep those under wraps until they post.


Just as a reminder: this column isn't intended as a list of the greatest television episodes of all time (or even the greatest episodes of their respective series), but as a way to talk about aspects of TV history and TV aesthetics, using these episodes as case studies. So bearing that in mind, the floor is now open for more suggestions.

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