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It's raining idols again as a big Survivor move backfires

Laurel Johnson, Domenick Abbate, Desiree Afuye
Laurel Johnson, Domenick Abbate, Desiree Afuye
Photo: Screen Grab (CBS Entertainment)
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  • Dom dreamed Martin Sheen was Laurel’s father and made them breakfast. These people are hungry, I guess! Desiree sees herself at the bottom of the big alliance and is ready to take out Naviti. Laurel has been riding with Dom and Wendell, and now she feels caught in the middle.
  • The reward challenge involves freeing teammates from cages and then building a giant puzzle. Donathan is not picked for the challenge, so no reward or Ghost Island for him. Whatever happened to the odd one out picking a team to support for a shot at the reward? Poor Donathan. The purple team has trouble with their boat and orange builds a big lead. Somehow Probst thinks the orange team can reverse Malolo’s curse, which...how does that work, exactly? Drop the curse thing, already. Anyway, orange wins and the purple team draws rocks, sending Angela to Ghost Island.
  • Michael hopes to use the picnic reward to bond with the people who have been trying to vote him out. He doesn’t get much from them beyond “You never know!” At Ghost Island, Angela gets a game to play. She risks her vote for a two out of three chance, but all she gets is the NO VOTE parchment. Sad trombone.
  • Donathan is up for jumping from the alliance, but Laurel wants to stick. She runs to Dom with Desiree’s plan. He goes all Domfather about “going against the family” and spreads the word to Kellyn, who thinks she has an unbreakable bond with the Naviti women. Has she seen this show before?
  • While Dom calls a family meeting, Donathan and Michael go idol hunting. Donathan finds another past season idol - or rather a partial idol that has to be combined with another part hidden under the shelter. With the help of the other ex-Malolos he’s able to snag it. Just rename the show Idol Hunt already.
  • It’s an endurance challenge for immunity, holding up a ball on a platform with ropes. People drop quickly, seven in under two minutes. Kellyn, Chelsea, and Seabass all last more than 10 minutes, but it’s Chelsea who ends up with the necklace.
  • Desiree is targeting Kellyn. Kellyn doesn’t believe it, but when she tells Desiree and Chelsea about her talk with Dom, Desiree goes straight to Laurel and tells her she’s blown up the plan. Dom is ready to put the strong players together, or so he tells Michael. Kellyn is still Naviti Strong and tells Dom the girls want Michael gone. Everything is up in the air as they head to Tribal Council.
  • All the dirty laundry gets aired for Probst. Desiree maintains her innocence in the face of the united original Malolo members. Probst says it’s the perfect crime, which I’m not sure is the correct analogy here. Everyone votes (except Angela, of course). No idols are played. Michael gets two votes, but the rest go to Desiree. Well, she did try to make a move, and it was probably the right thing for her to do, but her unawareness of the Laurel/Dom alliance did her in.
  • Next week: a double-vote night.

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