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It's Nearly 2012, Have You Planted Your Crisis Garden Yet?

With the economy going the way it's going, and society crumbling seemingly more than it's usually crumbling, you've got to hoard something, right? Well, why not hoard seeds? Yes, seeds. More specifically, non-hybrid seeds that you can use to plant your very own Crisis Garden, aka a Field Of Fear, which will really come in handy when the government collapses and lawlessness and violence are the only rules the populace will live by. All you need are a canister of Survival Seeds,  a spare acre of good land, and a small army to protect your Crisis Garden from the hungry, desperate swarms. (If you don't have an acre of good land or a small army, sorry, you're fucked.)  


Fifty years from now:

"Grandpa, why do you have so many dusty canisters of stupid seeds in the garage?"


"Those are Crisis Garden seeds, and just you wait: One day they're gonna be more valuable than gold or silver. If you're lucky, I'll leave you those seeds in my will."

"Please don't."

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