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It’s thriller night in the trailer for Stranger Things season 2

At the beginning of a Comic-Con panel moderated by Patton Oswalt (not Oswald, no matter what his name tag said) and attended by creators The Duffer Brothers, director Shawn Levy, and the cast of the show—including David Harbour, who Oswalt introduced with a cry of, “Hellboy’s got a dad bod!“—Netflix debuted a new trailer for Stranger Things season two.

Set to Vincent Price’s famous spoken-word intro to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” the trailer emphasizes the lingering effects of Will’s (Noah Schnapp) time in the Upside Down. The Duffers recently promised Variety that season two would be “bigger, darker, [and] scarier” than season one, and the trailer has a definite horror vibe, right up to the climactic shot of Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) hand crossing dimensions.


Stranger Things returns to Netflix on October 27.

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